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Spot a Pet Launches

Spot a Pet was launched in January 2019 by Theresa Good. Her intent was to create a place where people could post missing pets alerts and found animals and members can respond with their tips.

Together with Jason C. Kubin, and Josh Jenkins from Spot-A-Cop SaP was created as a sister group but independently owned.

Over night the group exploded with an influx of new members and almost instantly, pets were being located.

A month later SaP is growing by the hour. Members from all over our area help each other by being their eyes and ears for lost pets. Together, we are able to help recover more pets because every member here has that one goal in mind, to reunite fury families.

SaP Members Critical In Locating Lost Pets

Jason C. Kubin - 2/19/2019

SaP members joined the group just a month ago and have already sprung into action. The group has already started successfully recovering lost pets.

It's amazing to see how SaP actually works. Each member playing an important role. SaP members are critical in locating lost pets because they are the eyes and ears of the pet parents. We are many and we cover a lot of ground. Without SaP members, we'd only be as effective as a flier.



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