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We are always happy to have new people interested in joining our administration staff. If you are interested in joining us, there are a few things you should know.

  1. We are not here for drama. This site is dedicated to the recovery of lost pets. We focus on this and do not entertain nor tolerate people fighting.
  2. We are a team and a family. When you are a member of SaP, you are a member of a tight knit group of like minded pet lovers. We are all here for one another. Our members should be willling to share missing pet posts on their wall and actively be on the look out for missing pets.
  3. We are not here to judge. Our pets get out for many reasons. We are not here to criticise pet parents for losing their babies.
  4. As an admin, YOU must recognize these 3 key things and remember that it is up to us to ensure that these rules are followed.
  5. Admins are representatives of SaP and as such, we must present and conduct ourselves professionally. We must not be insulting, or allow ourselves to become angry. We are admins, we are the law, but we are also respectful of our members because we know that without them, we can not be as effective.

If you wish to join us, we do ask that you consider the fact that you will be expected to be active as well as PRO-active. An admin who isn't involved is both a useless person taking up an important role, and a person who is not effective. If you are not able to devote a few hours per week to this project in your spare time, then you may not be the right fit for SaP. We ask YOU to make that judgement call in advance and proceed accordingly.

When positions are available, they will be listed here. If there are no positions available, register as a member and start getting involved. Show us that you want to be considered when a position opens up. We are building a fantastic team and we hope you will be a great addition.

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